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Annie California!

by Margaret Kellermann
© 2018

Reading Annie's tale evoked the same fear, astonished laughter, and exhiliration I felt the first time I rode my bike downhill no-handed.
Janet Lee Carey
author of Wenny Has Wings (Mark Twain Award)


Traveling 3500 miles cross-country from Eureka, California, to Somewhere on the East Coast on bumpy back roads in a smelly van with her brother and parents was never on the list of Annie's Top 5 Vacation Trips. The fact that her family's suddenly homeless and stealing fruit from orchards doesn't help. Plus, nobody's talking. Everyone's off in their own non-answering world. What is going on?

Fortunately, the Weaver Lady in Arizona gave Annie a blank book where she can write all this down. And one day, there's Crow Boy. He likes treehouses and fireflies. But Annie doesn't know about him yet. She's on a journey to figure out how to stay Not Crazy.

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