Act 2

As I’ve mentioned here, wild animals are having a field day around the world. This is their time to shine, after centuries of human incursion into animal territory. Never mind about that news story this week of some monkeys in India mugging a lab technician as he was crossing a medical campus with some coronavirus samples that had tested positive. Forget about the fact that those monkeys stole the samples from the student’s lab coat. Several news stories I’ve read about this *kind of important* problem end there. Those reports neglect to tell us the most crucial buried lede: the student says he saw one monkey drinking from the test tubes in a nearby tree...just never mind that. Put out of your head what you know normally happens in Act 2 of any B-grade horror flick where lab samples of a particularly virulent virus are stolen and delicately sipped in trees by monkeys. We humans —already in the center of a global coronavirus pandemic, wondering why our DoorDash pizza delivery is 10 minutes late —have essential work to do. Find those monkeys!
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