An act of love

For Californians, it’s been almost 12 weeks of sheltering in. For everyone in the world, it’s been only 9 days since one man knelt on another’s neck, instigating an all-out revolution in the streets. This morning I woke up wondering who why where what I could do to help anyone, when I realized it was just a few hours before I got to tutor an art student once again. Every week since March we’ve handled art class virtually. We share book illustrations, research on hummingbirds and hooded grebes, drawings and watercolors, questions and encouragement— using all means necessary. Somehow it all works, this distance learning, every week that we can’t sit at the same art table. It has to work. During this inconceivable time —with structures collapsing and with humans under fire for just asking to breathe—it’s imperative to keep encouraging artists to work away with all the color and fire they have inside. Since “all art is an act of love,” as Australian poet Brabazon said, then what the world needs now a word that means art and love in the same one-syllable breath.
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