Balance: balance

If balance is key to keeping steady on the high seas, and if a great storm is washing over the earth these days and we are each standing on the decks of our own small ships, grabbing the mainmast, wondering what we should fix for dinner, does it matter that we try to keep our balance as we did in the olden days (three weeks ago)? Yes, balance: balance is most needed now. A balance of protein and fresh fruit, a balance of fresh air and warm hearth, a balance of solitude and conversation in whatever ways we can find them, and a balance of working on our own intrinsically crucial creative projects and keeping up with the latest news projections, which now seem no more prophetic than weather forecasts on the coast. Let’s find balance in everything, make it a game with the kids or the dog, chalk it up on our chalkboards, find joy in fitting together the jigsaw puzzle of our days; even if it’s only ten in the morning and we think the puzzle must be missing pieces we may find as it nears completion that the odd, dark ones will snap gently into place next to the light.
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