Did you see them?

I saw another whale spouting this morning. New website idea: you know the U.S.G.S. site, “Did you feel it?” where they track earthquakes by crowdsourcing globally? Well, this would be a site called, “Did you see them?” People spotting whales all over the world could report in, see maps drawn in almost-real time, showing migrations, lone whales, sick and injured and beached whales, pods that stick around Puget Sound and Southeast Alaska.... But now that I think about it, we can’t have this kind of site up, not until whales are safe from countries that still hunt them or still round them up and drop them into swimming pools for entertainment.
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June 15th, 2020

10:32 pm

Update: recently I learned there *is*an app for that. In fact, for all living species: www.inaturalist.org.
Wonderful for counting sea stars in California to track their numbers year by year, for example. Fortunately for whales and other hunted things, it doesn’t keep track of them in real time.

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