Forty days

A long time ago— maybe it was last Tuesday or back in the 20th century— I told a friend I had found a secret passage. You know how you can read a book you’ve often read before, but now you’re surprised to see a new line, as if freshly placed there for you today? That’s what I call a secret passage. The line I’d never taken note of before is within the first few verses of Mark, when Jesus is spending 40 days (quarantine, Latin = “40 days”) in the wilderness. Right there and then it says “the wild beasts were with him, and the angels ministered to him.” Well, I’ve heard many sermons on the 3 temptations there, as anybody has, but never a word from a pulpit on what this wild beast/angel passage might imply. So when I mentioned this, my friend said simply, “Maybe the wild beasts were the angels that ministered to him.” It’s quite possible. In fact it makes beautiful sense to me, since as you can see in these entries that’s what’s happening to me daily in my wilderness time, my quarantine. I told you about the red-tailed hawk that lives by the meadow, circling back to wave, where I walk afternoons, but did I tell you about the crow that says hi! Hi! Hi! each time I walk by his perch, wherever he happens to land near town, and I match his number of hi’s, which gives him a kick, and he tries to knock me off my game with 10 or more hi’s, which often works because I start laughing? I know it’s him, because of his happy, loving voice. Anyway, angels.
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