Are you still listening

Lately I’ve been singing the old Seattle band Big Spoon’s song, “Are you still listening.” In the 1990s when I lived in a rambling Green Lake home with a collective of artists —next door to where Pearl Jam had once lived and practiced in the basement—before I had an actual folk rock band we could call our own I jammed with up-and-coming members of other bands including Big Spoon in my living room. Big Spoon was so smart, so classic in its folk rockness, I often wondered why they didn’t make it big, like Blind Pilot or Coldplay, or even REM, all of which they resembled. What I recall from the song are these words, some of which may be lost or garbled from the intervening decades: I wanted to make the trip, start driving south but I can’t afford to see you. I know that way all too well, the road is hot and I’d never want to leave you. I try to trace back to a place, time of day or maybe it was last year. Both of us kinda lost the way... la da ...Speak to me sometimes in a dream. Hope for me, is it ever easy? Hold onto me, if there’s something missing. Hear what I say, are you still listening? After we let loose ends lie, till the time we’d put them back together, now I’m saying the time to mend— we should try now or it will be never. And if mending didn’t work again, no one could fault us for our trying. While you sit there with your da da...Speak to me sometimes in a dream, etc.
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