Blog Jam 11: Faraway stories

A few years ago, my dog Luke and I were climbing the steep hill steps from a nearby beach. My cell phone rang. I was surprised to hear my 4-year-old grandson's chirpy voice: "Hello, Grandma Margaret!" Well, hi! I said; what are you doing right now? Like his father at that age, he spoke in complete and thorough sentences: "I'm having a doughnut with my dad at a restaurant." Wow, I said, that sounds fun. Are you together, just you and your dad? "Yes," he said importantly. His dad whispered something to him. My grandson asked politely, "What are you doing right now, Grandma Margaret?" Well, I said, I just played a game with my dog and a seal at the beach. I threw a stick in the ocean for Luke, and he jumped in the waves and swam after it, then a seal came over and poked at the stick, then Luke brought the stick back to me. All three of us played that game a lot of times. Have you ever heard of that before, a seal and a dog playing with a stick together? "Yes," he said. (Silence while his father and I considered that.) I plowed on: Do you think it would be fun to write a book together about you throwing a stick for a dog and a seal? Maybe you could tell me the story and I could write it down, or you could draw pictures for it. "Yes," he said patiently; "I'm having a chocolate doughnut." And that did beat all faraway stories about seals and beach dogs. 

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