Making waves

Hiking a great green field yesterday I saw things quieter—instead of making the event all about tromping the massive meadow perimeter to try vainly to exhaust Luke so I could get some work done I backtracked to a hilly viewpoint and sat down in the grass watching the long stems wave slightly in the new spring, a red-tailed hawk swooping close to wave its wings at me, practicing social distancing but close enough to say I see you, I’ve got my eye on you, and a family of mom and daughter alive and well doing serious spring training at the ballfield waving at one another with signals only they would understand and no one else around with a hush-hush sound of breeze making waves in the alders until Luke came bouncing across the field to find me finally down at his level where all the good grass fresh dirt smells are and he rolled on his back wriggling in joy-feels.
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Daniel O Tubbs

March 23rd, 2020

5:58 pm

Sounds wonderful!

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