Blog Jam: Musing on familiar

Last week I hung my show of abstract seascapes — at Eureka’s Redwood Art Association Gallery through Sep 8 — then stopped in at the credit union. An artist was hanging his own abstract seascapes there. It seemed logical that I ask him about his work. He gave me his business card, and I gave him mine. Each showed a seascape of our own making. We looked at each other’s cards, musing on familiar territory: a painted horizontal line defining this over that: a misty math principle, sky over sea. “I’m trying to quit,” he said, meaning the subject matter. “Me, too,” I admitted. “Is it working?” we asked each other together.

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Janet Carey

August 21st, 2018

1:55 pm

I love this!! My first laugh of the day. Thank you Margaret. I posted a link on FB to share the smile.

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