Rescheduled shared activity

Yesterday my young neighbor saw me outside and asked if he could get some groceries for me the next time he goes shopping. I will come up with something to pay him back for his kindness, maybe a listening ear when things get crazy. The day before, a friend and I walked (six feet apart) with Luke at the dog park, then at our cars she gave me (Clorox-wipe-surrounded) two containers of her homemade soup for later lunches. Another friend and I bartered yesterday: a new space heater for me, a small seascape painting for her. I know people around the world are doing this for one another, stretched thinly, separated by two arms’ lengths. Though the virus has spread widely, I believe deeply that sharing whatever we have in time and treasure and talent—even sending brief bright emails, each one like votive candles of hope for rescheduled shared activity soon!— is the widest-spread example yet of loving our neighbor. In this way the still-beautiful world will go on.
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