Grateful to find a hollow cairn of stones someone had built on the beach yesterday. Most people would think to stack flat stones in a pyramid pile and call it good. This anonymous artist balanced every stone upon stone touching stone, a volcano shape — if a volcano were built of statuesque stones that held together by leaning on and needing each one — an Andy Goldsworthy-worthy project. Oh! This reminds me. That same afternoon I took part in a virtual meeting of six artist friends: our most recent meeting together was more than 10 years ago because of distance. But now because of social distancing it worked out that we could all balance together in a holy-grounded circle, a solid connection, embraced and embracing.
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janet carey

April 27th, 2020

3:04 pm

Yes, a holy-grounded circle. It was so good to have you present with us, Margaret

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