Seems like it’s been years. When friends wanted to be with me, they asked me to come over to their place for coffee. The coffee I understood was the instigator, not the reason. They wanted us to spend quality time and tell stories and laugh and just *be* together. I remember once we stood around not talking after I had already been there for hours. I said, “I’m leaving, I promise.” They said, “What? No, no, this is fine. You want some more coffee?” Now if we were to Zoom we would need our own separate mugs, no communal pot humming occasionally in the afternoon kitchen. Is it the same now, this wanting me to come for coffee, but due to the pandemic, etc ...? Thomas Keating S.J. writes that contemplative prayer, asking God to come to us, is inviting with full knowledge that God is already always present, closer than breathing, but we want him to “be more and more present.”
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