“Hello, local librarian? I just read that even though the county libraries aren’t open yet, you now deliver curbside? Great, I’d like 6 or 7 books to start, because I like to sift through one, then another and back.... Well, I don’t really know how to express the books I have in mind—oh, what section? Right between the cracks of fiction and nonfiction: like Frederick Buechner, but I’ve already read his books. Some creative nonfiction would be good (though they could be fiction, who can say? Is magic realism real?) Smart and spiritual, neither woo-woo nor in-your-face. Nature-oriented or arts-oriented, though not Annie Dillard, done that. I love the humor of David Sedaris and his cityscapes, but his books can be tiring, all one theme, and E. B. White’s, both country and city, but one sad theme—this time maybe you could find me an author I’ve never heard of— hey...they hung up?”
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