Everything Happens

There’s a pungent Fay Weldon quote I love: “Nothing happens, and nothing happens, and then everything happens.” Tie this to Thomas Keating’s idea that every great project has three stages: a fantastic start, a devastating turnaround, and a surprise created by grace. Think about any old joke where things are going along as usual until a penguin hops onto a bar stool and orders iced tea. (Fantastic.) The bartender says it’s kinda weird, y’know, a penguin...ice.... (Devastating.) The penguin sighs, “Okay, then I’ll have some iced coffee.” (Surprised by grace.) A painting of mine is of a quiet morning at Stone Lagoon. It wasn’t meant to be Stone Lagoon. When I painted it I had just moved here and had never heard of the place. But so many people have stared into the canvas and even teared up a bit, calling it an accurate depiction (mossy green haze over a light lemon yellow horizon line, watery blue green haze above and below that line, nothing else), that I kind of wish I hadn’t titled it “And Then Everything Happens.”
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