Gratitudes in July

Well before 7 am in the fog of waking to grating beeping engine banging scraping metal it’s time for the world class tournament of the dumpster-clashing recycling trucks. Time for me to scribble down another gratitude A to Z list, to turn my thoughts around. As Dag Hammarskjold said: “For all that has been: thanks. For all that shall be: yes!” All, All things working out for good, Beach time coming up, Cozy quilt for now, Dog being patient so far, Eggs in hiding in their nest in the Fridge, Good Hash browns to accompany, Iced tea for lunch later with Just enough leftover adobo rice and bean salsa concoction I Know will be tasty for Lunch. All this Meditating on food means I forgot once again to have dinner last Night, but Oh well, I’ll make up for my Past with a Quite Remarkable first two meals of the day. To go in a Saute pan from a neighbor’s farm are Tomatoes (Unusually large), Violet eggplant, White onion and an eXtraordinarily handsome and Yummy Zucchini.
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