Reading this morning from a 1990s interview of Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, where he reveals the way to attain the ideal of holistic spirituality: ready?—first, be grounded. “Feel the earth beneath you; feel the chair; feel how gravity upholds you. Gravity is the way the earth loves us and attracts us. We should allow ourselves to be supported by that.” Second, whatever you’re doing, do that one thing. Third, know that being rooted and doing one thing at a time are two basics for realizing you’re created to reach up. He calls it being theotropic. While I’m reading this, I think of a sunflower, a plant that’s planted—grounded— and grows as its nature is and stretches and turns to the sun. Just after the interview the rabbi gives very specific directions to the interviewer for a place with great New York cheesecake. I like this guy. I like how his mind works.
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