Holy rollers

Another raft of sea lions in the breakers, sometimes just 20 feet from the sand yesterday...met up with an even larger raft of them as a few of us watched from shore in happy shock. The two rafts— of 20 to 50 sea lions each —met like magnets joining up, clicking into place, each with one fin waving casually in the same general direction like iron filings. How do they stay so connected to one another? Does one lay his head on another’s stomach and just let the wave action keep them *drifting* together? Do they link one fin underwater (as we humans once linked elbows to feel contact near the heart) then hold the other fin up for balance? The whole rolling mass of them mysteriously staying collected, moving with all the incoming holy rollers like a body surfer —but parallel, not perpendicular, to shore— like a great log but flexible as rubber—like a massive string of kelp but with one organic portion peeling away from the others occasionally, barking tremendously at us — is so improbable, so living!
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