Impossible or at least

“What I need in myself, let me give to someone else.” That’s something I scribbled in my high school journal. Giving away what I need may seem impossible, or at least less than smart. If I need to store up food for this uncertain season, why should I donate canned goods and pasta to the food bank this week? If I deeply need to talk things out with my friend, why should I listen to a stranger shouting and waving his arms across the street about the end of the world —why am I nodding my head in sympathy, synchronicity? Turns out he may have been our local prophet all along. Yesterday I ran across Mother Teresa’s words: if I want to love God, I need to love my neighbor. She says it’s the same thing. I protested: Well...loving God, loving my neighbor: basically the same but not exactly the same. But I checked again today: yes, she says it’s the same thing.
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