Inner work

A productive call this morning with a friend of a friend in business, who says there are five types of people in your life who can help you in your business: Mentors. Mentees. Partners. Customers. Advocates. One person might be all you need in a category, he said. We didn’t have time to get into the nitty gritty, but I think this could be a great list for more than my business. I need not try to tackle the outermost questions today of “what shall we eat and wherewith shall we be clothed?” I have helpers in my inner work. This could be a list of my spiritual educators, so to speak. I was glad to see mentees made the list, since mentees in my life—my kids as two examples—through sheer childlike blurting, have often told me the wisest thing. A long-term visionary, I imagine, might be shared by the mentor and partner categories, so necessary for my growth in grace.
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