Makers A to Z

Grateful for Makers of all varieties: Artists found only in small galleries, Bakers of macaroons and scones, Creative Carpenters, Dancers of Emotion, Fabric Fashioners (let’s call them Fabricians), Gillnet weavers of seafoam lines, gentle Horse trainers, Individualists (you shall know them by their —surprise !—quick wit), Jade and Jasper Jewelers, Kitten rescuers, Lovers (“amateurs” in French: those who do work for the love of it), Morning-people-who-Make-coffee-for-others, Neighbors who make Open Nature Preserves out of their gardens, Quiet Quiltmakers in their homes and shops and studios, Rasslers and blowers of long glass tubes making bottles and glass art, Snowmen-and-Snowwomen-makers of unknown ages displaying their work in front yards, Tympanists who get maybe one minute to shine in a concert, Umbrella makers who cause smiles with bright color on gray days, Violin players who lean in to their passion, Workers in fields who make hay and bring in produce, eXceptional artists whose world is focused in yet beaming out, Yellow-art-paint makers who need to know how happy I am wherever I see it, and makers of Zero-emissions inventions, those creators of projects indescribable and unattainable just now but quite soon yes.
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