‘O the joy!’

I was chasing a deadline I had set for myself: finish a good draft of my book this week and send it off, but there was this whining dog. In an ultimately vain attempt to tire the dog, I drove out to a beach where he could run. But the traffic! On the way, a red-tailed hawk passed close by the windshield —no, he passed through me with his gaze— and then I had to stop for several deer walking across the road in no hurry atall and leaping in slow motion over an old barbed wire fence to the pasture beyond, where one young bay foal lay, looking quite unconcious, surrounded by four or five other bay horses studying the little one. (On the way back, I saw with relief the foal kicking up its heels, racing around the world.) A quail family took its time across the road, too, the elder acting as crossing guard, making sure the whole passel was across before joining them. At last the beach, or as William Clark wrote in his 1800s journal, ‘“Ocian in view; O the joy!” Across the sand, Luke tore after the waves, the seals and the sandpipers, but he never actually caught up with them.
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