Redtail messenger

For the 3rd day in a row, I’ve been visited by a red-tailed hawk. The first day, I found a 6-inch white-black barred feather in the field where I often see the hawk circling for mice or sitting on its favorite power line. I took the feather home and placed it in my jar of feathers that I keep on my studio table. The feathers range from small whites to middling blues to long tans. I find peace in the natural world of feathers. The second day in the field I found a much larger brown and white barred wing feather from my red-tailed friend and placed it in the feather jar. In my research that night I found that when this kind of hawk visits, it is a spiritual messenger coming to say, *Your prayer is being answered. Your tribe is arriving. You are not abandoned.* This morning as I drove out to the beach I startled a redtail messenger from its rabbit prey in the road. It flew up all brown and white coat of armor red tail flashing strong body wild spirit flapping broad wings talons a few feet from the windshield, and as I braked it gained altitude only slowly so as I braked harder I saw inches between us it would have hit my glass and broken through my skin would have been filled with its feathers and blood if it had been a second late in rising. Three times in three days I received my message. Third time’s a charm.
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July 13th, 2020

1:24 pm

Thank you for the message from the red-tailed hawk messenger.
The red-tailed hawk is my spirit animal. My tribe is coming. I am not abandoned. Your words wing to both of us. Love vast as the sky.

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