Quarantine gratitudes A to Z: Ahhh, more Bubble baths and Coming up for air from too much Doing. Everything Feral has been Granted a monthslong reprieve from Human Intervention. (I still miss hugging and holding walks, but grace says wait a little while longer.) Just now when the warmer season is in full swing I can Kick about the back porch in sandals at dinner time, Looking for more deer, Munching on fresh produce from the farmstand. Then I can go inside and Nestle in with a good book, Opting for decaf chai. Some mornings I will Poke my head in to the essential bakery for a Quintessential Raisin Scone, go home, warm it up and Top it off with Undeniably good local butter, then hear the Voices and see the Wondering faces of my kids and grandkids (who look eXceedingly Youthful and carefree these days) on Zoom.
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