Reverse weather report

Today I will give the weather report backwards, because, haven’t you ever wished the weather person on the news would tell you what the weather had been like, reporting on whether you had really needed to wear a raincoat a few hours earlier? Right now, 5:14 pm, the weather on the porch is a balmy 68, with a zephyr so light it’s not even tickling the wind chimes—Sorry—I’m just hearing—. Correction: I’m now getting an update that the wind chimes did get tickled and finished a few minutes ago. Earlier today around noon, we had a collection of breezes that caused the chimes to play a four-minute ragtime tune. At 9:47 a.m., the post office flag snapped in a wayward breeze that was quickly snuffed out by late spring doldrums. At 7:12 a.m., the fog lay across the beach so thick, two surfers stood out on the beach parking lot discussing whether they wanted to go in at all, a family of five slept in a car in the gray morning, and one beachwalker mentioned it was hard to see his dog, and he’d had to turn around. That’s about it.
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