Collecting stars

Today, Sunday after lunch, I played... [more]

The gravity of discovery

So, I just learned that Isaac... [more]

Quiet one

“Watch out for the quiet ones,”... [more]

The man who wears gray neckties

Today while it’s still called Today,... [more]

More important things

From under my blankets in my... [more]

Popcorn, easy to make

Bright lights sparkle in a dark... [more]

Great the sky

One day this summer, you and... [more]


The gray whales hugging this very... [more]


Two Americans in Ireland drove through... [more]

Do the next thing

As usual my daily reader on... [more]

Rescheduled shared activity

Yesterday my young neighbor saw me... [more]

Gratitudes A-Z

It’s 3:30 a.m. A fine time... [more]

True story

Long ago, smack in midweek last... [more]

Making waves

Hiking a great green field yesterday... [more]

For being

With such sudden buckets of time... [more]

Musing on familiar

Last week I hung my show... [more]


Brunch and smoke alarms

Normally, dogs despise loud noises. Especially--... [more]


A remarkable exhibit

Yesterday I got to hide fish... [more]


Faraway stories

A few years ago, my dog... [more]



Work is work, and play is... [more]


When to quit and go get coffee

One morning I'd had quite enough... [more]


Why music can be dangerous

Last month just past sunset, I... [more]


Why skunks make a stink

Long ago, in the farthest reaches... [more]


When the muse supplies subject matter

Without sufficient coffee in me this... [more]


Why children keep their own counsel

What do you want to be?... [more]


Trade secrets

How do little birds take off,... [more]


Why art is now flat

Plenty of art comes in other... [more]


Why fish swim synchronized

"Birch leaves in wind, specifically silver... [more]


Why some birds don't sing

They have heard the morning... [more]


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