Suggestions A to Z

Adopt a puppylike attitude. Be here (in spirit) now. Call your sister. Do the next thing. Everything will be brilliant soon (repeat this refrain). Find an outfit that makes you feel like the hero on your journey, because you are. Go outside and play responsibly. Have some more coffee! Ice cream can be a lifesaver at times like this. Just check in occasionally, with a word in season. Keep remembering that faith in our essential work is not far away. Love your own cooking. Maybe, for a twist, sing and dance to Bob Dylan: “She’s got everything she needs, she’s an artist, she don’t look back.” Now is a good time to journal your dreams again. Open the door to your heart—at least leave it ajar: “Honey, I’m home.” People-pleasing didn’t work before, and it certainly won’t work now. Quiet your heart to hear your dog breathe. Rest on the sunny back porch. Seek peace and, when you find it on the trail, pursue it like a hound! Thank the spring rains. Understand the way you are right now is fine—in fact: wonderful. View things from different angles to see freshly and to take the most intriguing photos. What are you thinking right now? eXactly how much fun can you imagine? Yes, we are just what we need right now. Zoom.
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