Thank you, Dr. Bronner

Grateful this morning for lavender soap and lavender candles (soft white, not hard purple), lavender hand lotion, lavender essential oil wafting from a diffuser, and especially grateful for lavender Dr. Bronner’s all-purpose liquid miracle soap! If you’ve never had the time to read the label of Dr. Bronner’s, oh my gosh, this is the time. You’d think by the fantastic lists of promises Dr. Bronner makes, complete with exclamation marks and so much information CAPITALIZED, it would cure the plague, which would be convenient right now. It’s amazing how multifunctional the product is. You could, in a pinch, wash your face, your dog, your laundry and your dishes with just two tablespoons of the stuff, and then as you are tossing it out you could clean your sink, your drainpipes and the sewer pipes all the way to the ocean, and the organic suds would scrub and clean the ocean and every dolphin in it, apparently. Anyway, grateful for lavender products that smell like springtime in heaven and promise to clean the world— and thank you, too, Dr. Bronner, wherever you are!
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