The Unknowable

What I might miss after this crisis is over: quiet streets, quiet skies, lots of time to surrender to the Unknowable, fresh birdsong in quiet mornings .... What I will not miss: the masks put on and off and on and off, the times and days being all wonky like a calendar from Alice in Wonderland, the inability to get simple errands done or business accomplished, the daily not-knowing of so many things, not even sure that one’s town will survive this. What I can do today: call a friend, thank a postal employee, overtip a server, buy vegetable seeds from a local place that’s trying to stay open, and prepare the ground for a small treasure of summer produce. Then I trust we will sit together in a sunny garden with a heaping bowl of fresh salad between us and look up at one another and laugh because we forgot to take off our masks to eat.
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April 26th, 2020

12:56 pm


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