The world tilted upright

These days I listen to the most beautiful songs I can find online. How do I find them? By searching “most beautiful song” and finding that one person’s definition of beautiful music is just like another’s definition of beautiful art: varying widely but often containing some indefinable yesness. For example, on YouTube I found the clip of a thrush’s song slowed to 13% its normal speed. Of course this means the tone of its song is much lower and longer, paying out like a spooling fishing line...with a hook! That hook is the unexpected, uncalled-for beauty that catches and reels in. How can I have the great fortune of hearing something all earlier generations could never have heard? The slowed thrush song is one of the most meditative things I’ve heard in my life, somewhere between Gregorian chant and a song sung by a low-voiced man after I sang what was just a single line of unconscious melody, “Unforgettable, that’s what you are,” but he picked it right up, “And forevermore a shining star,” and we stared straight ahead not looking at each other, pausing as the world tilted upright. I find myself wishing the YouTube clip weren’t just 4 minutes long but hours and hours long, so I could listen to it in the night and wake up to its call: I luhhhv you, Oh I love and love and luhhhhv youuuuu. (Pause for effect.).
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