Blog Jam 6: When the muse supplies subject matter

Without sufficient coffee in me this morning, I notice with growing irritation: the mourning doves are more insistent than usual. One unambiguous song—dih DAH dahhh—dih DAH dahhh—a telegraph gone haywire. Is there a noise ordinance for bordering-on-annoying morning mourning doves? Fluttering wingbeats and a tap-scrape on the screen door. While I bend to my work, wracking my brain on what to write—something more about my favorite subject in nature, perhaps, but what extraordinary birds have I seen in the past 24 hours?—wingbeats and tap-scrape again. I go to the door to see what is what. A dove comes in for a skillful touch-and-go at the screen. What could mourning doves possibly want from me? Then I see what they are telegraphing me: The FEEDER’S empty. The FEEDER’S empty.

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July 9th, 2018

1:42 pm

The starlings discovered my feeder...I was drinking tea and dreaming when I heard a ruckus, thinking that a cat had gotten a baby I looked outside and saw a family of starlings. They swaggered around, bullied the sparrows, ignored the pigeons and doves and then left.

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