Where’s home?

This week as I finish up another round of edits of Annie Book 2, it’s good to fill my mind with excellent words from others, to see how they tell stories. I’m reading two books by Frederick Buechner—his memoir “Longing for Home” and “Son of Laughter,” based on the rough life of Jacob in Genesis. At night I’m watching “The Chosen,” a series on YouTube with a deep, real and often funny depiction of Jesus. It’s played finally by a guy not from Northern Europe or the U.S. but from—wait for it— Israel. This Jesus stands awkwardly at a door before someone gets over their shock at seeing him at their poor shack and lets him in for Sabbath meal. He winks at someone who tells a joke that falls flat at the dinner table: “I guess something good CAN come out of Nazareth!” He laughs easily; he walks toward lepers and hugs them. He tells people what they most deeply need to hear. He starts a fire with sticks. He carves toys and wooden door locks with excellent workmanship, and he has a fireside roundtable chat with children. In Annie Book 1, the underlying question I kept in mind as I wrote was, “Where’s home?” In the sequel, the question is, “How long can I stay?” The two Buechner books and “The Chosen” story ask the same two questions.
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