Blog Jam 3: Why art is now flat

Plenty of art comes in other shapes. But it’s earthbound, three-dimensional at best. Once when the world was younger, about 18 or 19, people made art by fashioning fantastic forms in the air as they spoke. Flamingo, for example. That was Eve’s idea. Deliberating over purple grapes, they came up with kingfisher, an early collaboration. Much later, bird of paradise. And as two or more went on with their common yes! yes! and the cool of the evening and the garden, they did not need to elaborate by hauling out canvas, paints and tools. Art became true the moment they spoke it, and those around could see it easily, adding color and feathers. Art can materialize now. That rarely but still happens. I’m not talking about stories manifesting whole in a listener’s mind this time. I’m talking visual art made real, as soon as we believe it to be true.

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