Gratitudes A-Z

It’s 3:30 a.m. A fine time to think, no distraction. This morning’s gratitudes A to Z: Apples and Blueberries in kitchen, Coffee on nightstand, Dog snoring softly on my bed, Eggs Fresh from Family Farm (looking Forward), Good weather forecast for Hoeing outside today, Ice cream in freezer (salted caramel)—Just enough for later, Kids in recent photo: a family in Sweden crowded at Kitchen table, each with Lovely face Karl Larsson could have painted, learning Music by listening to More genres, New foal that lay down in (...Open...) green pastures, feeling of Protection and Prayer that swoops in surprisingly like Quiet Quail family that lives out the road, Researching design to hone practices, Sweet Smells in Luke’s fur from his Sunlit Spring Time on porch Tuesday, Universal health care coverage (oops, no), Very Violet Vinca Major on trail now, Writing Annie California Book 2 While Wondering Where it Will Wander When done, eXcellent homemade soup from friend yesterday (she handed me Tupperware containers with Clorox wipes), You, and Zoning out Friday beside loud creek running over rocks while feeling fear of not-having-enough-work dissolve, because this is my work going on, this right now. Amen.
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