Popcorn, easy to make

Bright lights sparkle in a dark sky. Like everyone else, I’m learning things the past few weeks of isolating, and it’s probably not much different from daily life 150 years ago. Such as: 1. Popcorn, easy to make on the stove, does not absolutely require a movie and friends (though that would be lovely, and will be). Day to day, various spices mix up the popcorn taste from sweet to savory, with little to no salt needed. 2. My body clock adjusts to sunlight if I let it. These days I can rise and retire with the sun. Since it’s too early for bed when the sun sets, I can light a lamp by the bed and read a book or write or do a crossword puzzle or anything analog. 3. Pioneer women were champions of figuring things out and making do. I can see how they washed clothes in a tub along the trail, but how did they dry everything out, especially when it rained for days? (I need to know.) May we learn more from our great— really great—great-grandparents this week.
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